Project 1, Part 1: Favorite Meal Essay

Project 1, Part 1: Favorite Meal Essay

Project 1, Part 1: Favorite Meal Essay: Our attitudes toward foods are often influenced by family, community, or some kind of larger culture in which we grew up.  Think of feelings that you have about a particular homemade dish.  What’s the dish?  What does it look like?  Smell like?  How is it made?  How long does it take to make and who makes it?  Are there any special ingredients?  Is it pricey?  Could you/do make it?  Are there moments from your life you attach to that dish?  Why does it hold significance for you? 

In an essay, describe the food and what has shaped your feelings about it; push to get at the core of your feelings.  Move beyond superficial descriptions—what is the value of the meal to you and why?  To really embrace this project, you’ll need to think deeply in order to reflect on your ideas and values about the value of people and food in your life.

For this project, you’ll need to interview someone who either makes the dish personally or has some knowledge of it.


Call, email, or speak in person with to them.

  • Ask them to explain their relationship with the dish—what does it mean to them?
  • Ask them to explain why they think you like this dish.
  • Ask them if it’s their favorite meal? If so, why?  If not, what is their favorite meal and why.
  • Ask a question of your own choosing.

You’ll want to introduce 3 quotes from this interview into your paper of 2-3 sentences in length.


Some things to consider:

Work to show C O N C R E T E scenes of eating and living.

Instead of just telling the reader that this dish is important, draw from your memories of eating this dish and SHOW those moments in detail.

Consider this: Is this essay a kind of collection of scenes carefully stitched together with thoughtful narration?

Consider this: What’s the bigger point or significance or emotional impact of this meal?  Help me understand why we should care.

This paper should be roughly 1000 words long with an introduction, a clear thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


Supplemental ingredients for this project: 

* Do you have any photos of the dish?  If not, please find some.  Or, you draw one?

* Compose the recipe either from memory or consult with your loved ones to piece it together.

Begin by brainstorming and outlining the paper and begin fleshing it out